Frequently Asked Questions

 These are some of the common questions that we encounter. For further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at (


Do you sell to the public?

- Yes, we sell to the public, trade professionals, real estate investors, realtors, contractors. Trade terms are not offered.


What is your Return Policy?

- Please visit our "Return Policy" page for more info.


Will you guys load my order?

- Yes, we will load the item(s) for you but you are solely responsible for securing your item(s) to your vehicle for safe transportation. It is recommended that you bring blankets, furniture pads, rope, straps, and related supplies in case you may need it. Coming unprepared will cause delays in the loading process.


Where are you located and hours of operation?

- Please see our "Contact Us" page for more info.


Do you ship or deliver?

 - No. Pickup only at this time. Due to lack of space, our inventory is stored in two separate warehouse locations. 47th Ave & Van Buren (main location, showroom) and 35th Ave and Buckeye (storage only, not open to the public). You may need to pickup from both locations depending on the products that you've ordered. Please be prepared to do so, otherwise it will cause major delays if you're not willing to drive 2.8 miles to complete your pickup.


I have excess inventory. Do you guys purchase those?

- Depends. It must be related to our existing product categories or offer enough value to our customers to be considered. Ultimately, it comes down to demand. If you have something to offer, please send an email to and your request will be directed to the appropriate contact.


Why do you collect my personal information?

- We use your personal Information to provide our services to you, which includes any of the following: offering products for sale, processing payments, processing refunds, and providing customer service. We DO NOT sell your information. We WILL NOT contact you for advertising and marketing.


Do you sell new or used products?

- New products only. However, we may have products on SALE periodically due to damages, minor defects, customer returns, etc.


Can I special order or buy custom products?

- No, we do not special order or customize products. We only sell what we have in stock at that particular time. Please consider this when buying partial materials as part of a bigger project.


Are all of your products listed on your website?

- Not all. Only products that are consistent. You may find several products in our showroom that are not listed on the site due to any of the following reasons: discontinued, one of a kind, trial order, closeouts, etc. We do update our site regularly to keep up with the changes in inventory. Because we operate a brick & mortar location as well as an online storefront, some products may run out before we can update their status online. Example: If there's only 2pcs left of Product #1, customer walks in and buys 2pcs in our showroom and later that evening another customer buys 2pcs more via our website, then we'll have to issue a refund for the shortage. If you're a long drive away and are unsure, please call or email us prior to your visit.


Are you cheaper than __________________?

- Yes & No. That's a very generalized question and it's relative to your definition of "cheap". What we always focus on is what the majority of our customers demand, have repeatedly bought, and will continue to buy from us. But don't take our word for it. We highly suggest you visit our showroom and inspect the products for yourself to help you make an informed decision. Compare materials and components to see if there's enough value provided for the price.


Are the prices the same in-store and online?

- Yes.