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Our shower doors are made of durable tempered safety glass. With that, we must still practice caution in handling such a fragile product. Tempered glass can withstand a good amount of impact to the surface however, the weakness is in the corners. Here's some tips to follow to successfully transport and install your new shower door:

1. ALWAYS wear safety goggles, gloves and proper attire during the install.

2. Never put glass panels directly on your floor. The hard surface and uneven lifting will cause the panel to shatter if enough impact was made to a corner of the panel. Use cardboard or foam from the original packaging to set your glass panel onto.

3. Don't use the hardware components such as the top guide rail and handle to lift the glass panels. You're going to put too much pressure on the glass panel and it will shatter. Always lift with caution and set gently.


** We highly suggest hiring a professional installer to avoid costly installation errors, glass breakage and any injury related to mishandling and negligence. **

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