Updates & Announcements

June 2021

Our prices have temporarily changed due to several factors related to trade that are beyond our control. We will keep monitoring the conditions so that we can "get back to normal" sooner rather than later. Many of you have probably already noticed longer lead times and low stock in many businesses in this industry. We try our best to maneuver in these unusual times and we thank you for your understanding. Our team works tirelessly to make sure we have the opportunity to bring unique products to the valley and make it easily accessible to everyone. Here's some of the big reasons:

- Large increases in raw material costs for producers.

- Logistics. Freight costs have 2X to 4X the normal rate recently. Shortages in shipping containers, truck drivers, port workers, etc.

- Labor shortage. We're not just seeing this issue domestically. Finished goods are produced from raw materials, get loaded into cargo ships & trucks, get delivered to warehouses and eventually to the customers' hands. When manpower is short in any part of that cycle and other areas that were not mentioned, it creates delays which customers and businesses alike, are regrettably seeing.

- Covid cases popping up sporadically in regions where the majority of the goods are produced.


January 2022

The second half of 2021 was no better than the first. We saw an exponential rise in shipping costs towards the holiday season which made it very difficult to refill inventory. Regardless, in order to keep offering products to our customers in a timely manner, we've been paying 10X to 12X the normal shipping rates and higher labor costs. We don't expect to see any price reductions anytime soon but will definitely monitor the conditions that affect it and implement strategies to hopefully suppress more increases.


Our website represents the latest, most current prices. We will update it periodically without notice.